Flori Can

Offer optional live chat for your customers

Take booking
Capture high value treatment enquiries
Instantly respond to your customers FAQs
Integrate onto your website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
Provide Marketing Growth Tools to
increase enquiries
Use our proprietary ‘MediaFlow’ technology
to automate customer interactions using video

People are leading busier lives than ever and require instant service at any time of day. Meeting these expectations as a busy dental practice can be almost impossible without investing heavily in additional resources.

Flori takes this burden away by offering a low cost, but highly efficient solution, offering the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

  • Flori is available 24/7 and responds instantly, freeing up staff time
  • Flori can handle multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Flori never takes a day off, has a holiday or gets sick!

Increase Revenue

  • Flori uses Facebook Growth tools (FB Ad linking, Comment-to-Bot, QR code generator) to drive Messenger engagement, bookings and offer redemption
  • All leads are emailed straight to you automatically

Increase Customer Engagement

  • Flori is interactive and provides a 2-way chat-based experience as opposed to a traditional 1-way website experience
  • Flori automatically follows up certain enquiry types to increase lead conversion

Increased Presence

  • Flori can integrate into your website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp ensuring maximum awareness and accessibility for your customers

Increased Consistency

  • Flori’s responses are consistent and friendly, reducing the risk of any stressed or unhappy staff giving unhelpful or incorrect responses

Customised for your Dental Practice

  • Our team customise Flori for your specific dental practice to ensure it has the correct responses, imagery, links and set up. We do all the leg work so you don’t have to!

Some of our Happy Clients

What Does Flori Cost?

Flori Costs

Only £49 Per Month*

or if you sign up to an annual Agreement, the cost drops to only

£41 Per Month*

Costs shown are per practice and excluding VAT

What Does Flori Cost?


  • Branded website bot
  • Optional Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Marketing Growth Tools
£49 monthly
£41 p/m annually


  • All features of Standard, plus
  • MediaFlow (automated video interaction)
  • Dengro Integration
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Zapier Integration
£99 monthly
£89 p/m annually
*Costs shown are per practice and excluding VAT.

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"The technology Total Chatbots has provided has been fantastic for our business and it's been an absolute game changer in terms of ROI on our marketing spend. We have seen a marked increase in treatment leads and the return on investment has made the solution a no-brainer for us. The team are super helpful, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend their tech to any dental businesses looking to implement a cutting-edge chat solution that delivers real value and puts patients in the chair."

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